TVR Vixen S4 1973

1972 TVR Vixen S4

( first registered Jan 2nd 1973 )

This car was one of the many excellent restorations carried out by Ian Bannister, Ian's restorations are second to none !

This 1972 TVR Vixen S4 was purchased in a restored condition, and is a credit to the work done by Ian. A number of special features were incorporated in this vehicle as follows :

I have really enjoyed owning this TVR as in my young days ( in 1969 ) I owned a Grantura mk 2 and always wanted to own a Vixen !

Unfortunatly old age and arthritis have begun to catch up with me and I am finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of her, although when seated it's wonderfull fun !

I will let you judge the condition of the vehicle from the photos, it is rare to find a TVR Vixen in such excellent condition.

The vehicle was sold in 2007 and I have now replaced it with the last S4C to be produced by TVR in 1995.
Some recent photos of the chassis and suspension
Photos taken March 2007
My 1960 TVR Grantura Mk2
The rear view of the Grantura