Pegu 1939
The Pegu was wrecked in November 1939 in the Mersey Channel.

The Pegu was a familiar site to travellers up and down the Mersey from November 1939 when she went aground on the revetment in the Crosby Channel. She was on passage from Glasgow via Liverpool to Rangoon when in heavy seas and frequent squalls of rain, she struck the revetment.

The Pegu was owned by the Henderson line and travelled the Liverpool Rangoon service from 1921 to 1939, there was 103 Passengers on board who were all taken off by the New Brighton lifeboat and transferred to the Pilot Boats.

Shortly after the passengers were taken off an attempt was made to tow her off, but she was well aground and there she stays to this day.

The mast was a familiar site when using the Mersey, being very visable on the right hand revertment about 1/2 mile from the Ionic Star, usually there were several cormorants to be seen on the cross masts.

Unfortunately on the 27th March 1987 the Alexandra Towing Cos Motor Tug Wallasey, lost her steering gear whilst navigating up the river, drifted on to the wreck site struck the mast and demolished it. The tug then went ashore on the Formby beach.

She was built in the 1921 at Dumbarton for P Henderson & Co, Glasgow, she was 8183 gt 466 feet long and 59 feet wide.

In July 2013 I flew over her in a Microlight and took these photos and video, quite amazing !

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